Singulair sucks

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Please have look below and tell me, which one is rht- 1 or 2? For some reason sentence 2 does not "sound rht" to me. Please tell me what is rht Smaggy These nhts sucks.

SINGULAIR Side effects, ratings, and patient comments – page 5.

These nhts suck (I am refering to more than one nht) can the verb suck be used in singular when you are using it in a sentence like above (where suck means very bad or disgusting? "This' sucks" or "This is sucks" remember that sucks is slang adjective.

<b>SINGULAIR</b> Side effects, ratings, and patient comments – page 5.

Severe sinus headache - Houzz

The word asthma orinates from an ancient Greek word meaning panting.

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Singulair sucks:

Rating: 99 / 100

Overall: 91 Rates